Microtech 2011

Automotive Lithium Ion SuperPolymer Batteries for Utility Energy Storage Applications

R. DasGupta
Electrovaya, CA

Keywords: energy storage, Lithium ion batteries


The development of large format lithium ion battery systems for plug in vehicles is not only enabling electrified transportation, but allowing significant advances in the smart grid and utility energy storage. Due to factors including optimization for extended cycle life and for large scale, it is an ideal technology to be used for utility energy storage. With the rapid implementation of intermittent renewable sources like wind and solar, the requirements for energy storage are becoming more certain. Electrovaya, following the development of battery systems for Chrysler PHEV vehicles and other plug-in platforms, has developed a unique platform for MWh scale energy storage. The high energy density of the lithium SuperPolymer technology is further leveraged when utilized for the larger scale of these systems. This results in a cost competitive and low footprint energy storage solution ultimately increasing the value of renewable energy generation.

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