Microtech 2011

Analysis of CIGS for Composition

G.R. Mount, U. Sharma, J. Moskito, K. Putyera, L. Wang, T. Buyuklimanli
Evans Analytical Group, US

Keywords: CIGS, composition, profile, grains, SIMS, auger, ICP-MS


Cu(Inx,Ga1-x)Se2 composition control is a critical factor for maximizing conversion efficiency and for achieving cross-cell performance uniformity. CIGS materials have one of the largest ‘performance gaps’ between laboratory champion cell performance, and as-manufactured conversion efficiencies compared to other PV technologies. The ability to control composition on both macro and micro scale is thought to be one of the reasons for this large gap. Composition needs to be controlled on a large area multi-grain scale, through the thickness, grain to grain, and within grains and grain boundaries. Analytical laboratories need to be able to measure composition accurately on these same scales. We show improved quantification for composition and show options for measuring composition on macro and micro scales.

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