Microtech 2011

Advancement of Printed Electronics, Energetics, Materials, & Sensors (PEEMS) for Military Utilization

J.L. Zunino III, G. Di Benedetto, D.P. Schmidt, R.E. Cornell, A.M. Petrock, B.E. Fuchs

Keywords: Army, military, sensors, material printing, flexible electronics, nano-inks, inkjet


U.S. Army Armaments Research Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) is working to ensure that U.S. forces continue to operate from a position of overwhelming military advantage. This goal is reinforced with the requirement to accelerate the transition of Printed Electronics, Energetics, Materials, and Sensors (PEEMS) technologies from the lab to the Warfighter. Army scientists and engineers are capitalizing on these technological breakthroughs to develop materials and devices that meet the Army’s objectives for “smarter,” more rapidly deployable, lighter and smaller weapons systems. They are developing and demonstrating new materials, devices, manufacturing techniques, and components for integration into current and future weapon systems. Significant advancements in material deposition technology provide tangible opportunities to print function-specific devices using nano-materials based conductive and energetic inks onto a variety of flexible substrates via drop on demand and direct write systems. Material printing processes greatly reduce the time, environmental impact, and costs associated with device prototyping and fabrication. These technologies exhibit great potential for addressing the requirements of 70% lighter and 50% smaller combat systems. Several military programs are investigating the use of flexible electronic and materials printing capabilities for prototyping, sensing, electronics, data collection/storage, and power alternatives. The advancement of PEEMS technologies allow the further design and development of various devices that meet the Army’s needs.

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