Microtech 2011

The T2Dx Diagnostic Detection Technology

C. Rittershaus, M. Audeh, M. Blanco, A. Castonguay, A. Chase, J. Chepin, V. Demas, R. Dhanda, M. Fritzemeier, C. Hanna, J. Kelly, V. Liu, J. McDonough, M. Min, L. Neely, T. O’Neil, S. Papkov, B. Patterson, N.A. Phung, D. Plourde, D. Wang, P. Wellman, T.
T2 Biosystems, Inc, US

Keywords: magnetic resonance, molecular diagnostics, immuno diagnostics, superparamagnetic nanoparticles


A novel detection platform that utilizes magnetic resonance to interrogate the agglomeration state of superparamagnetic nanoparticles is described. Decorating the nanoparticles with analyte-specific binding moieties enables rapid, sensitive, molecular and immuno diagnostic assays that can be performed in whole blood with no pre-treatment. The unique capabilities of the T2Dx detection platform deliver central lab-quality results in settings closer to the patient and with reduced time to result.

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