Microtech 2011

Molecular Isolation on the Micro and Nanoscale

J.B. Edel
Imperial College London, UK

Keywords: multiphase flow, nanopore, single molecule fluorescence


Big advances in ultra sensitive detection of molecules in liquids at room temperature have been made since the first successful observation of single molecules. Over the past several years, high sensitivity detection has found increasing importance in biological and chemical analysis. This is a result of a need for rapid, on-line measurements at low concentrations. Importantly, most experimental observations of physical systems provide a measurement of ensemble averages, and yield information only on average properties. In contrast, single molecule measurements allow for the observation of how individual members of a molecular population behave and interact in real-time. The ability to perform such sensitive and selective measurements is extremely valuable in applications such as DNA analysis, immunoassays, environmental monitoring, and forensics where small sample volumes and low analyte concentrations are the norm. In this talk, novel micro and nanofluidic structures will be described for use in applications such as single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy within nanoporous membranes and multiphase flows.

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