Microtech 2011

Fabrication of ITO/Gold nanoparticle/RGD peptide Composites to Enhance Electrochemical Signals from Human Neural Stem Cells

T.-H. Kim, W.A. El-Said, J.-W. Choi
Sogang University, KR

Keywords: ITO electrode, gold nanoparticle, RGD peptide, electrochemical method, neural stem cell


Gold nanoparticles (GNP) and RGD peptide modified indium tin oxide (ITO) electrode was fabricated to enhance the electrochemical signals from neural stem cells (HB1.F3). ITO film is well-known transparent and conductive material suitable for both optical and electrochemical cellular research. However, the low electrical sensitivity and weak cell adhesion on the surface were critical barriers for the practical use of ITO electrode. Here, we report a ITO/GNP/RGD peptide composite which significantly enhances the sensitivity and cell adhesion on the artificial electrode surface. Aminopropyltrimethoxylane (APTMS) was self-assembled on the ITO electrode surface to immobilze GNP, and the cysteine containing RGD peptide (RGD-MAP-C) was self-assembled on GNP immobilized surfaces via strong Au-S bond. Cells were seeded on the fabricated surface, and their electrochemical characteristics were analyzed by cyclic voltammetry (CV) and different pulse voltammetry (DPV). As a result, ITO/GNP/RGD peptide composite was found to give highest redox signals compared to the bare ITO, ITO/RGD peptide and ITO/GNP substrate. Finally, the cell proliferation on different substrates were also analyzed by trypan blue assay to check the effects of ITO/GNP/RGD peptide composites on human neural stem cells. Our newly fabricated substrate can be usefully applied for both electrochemical and optical study of stem cells.

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