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Roger Grace Associates Marketing Council

Roger Grace Associates Marketing Council

RGA was founded in 1982 to specialize in Sensor and Semiconductor Marketing.

Roger Grace has over 25 years of Design and Application Engineering experience and has been offering Marketing Counsel services to the domestic and international Sensor and Semiconductor markets for 20 years.

Roger Grace is the author of numerous sensor technical papers and is an internationally recognized speaker on sensor and semiconductor technology and markets.

Roger Grace Associates provides cost effective, results-oriented marketing services including:

  • Market Research
  • New Product Definition and Assessment
  • Business Plan Development
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Company Positioning
  • Sales Network Development
  • Integrated Marketing Communications:
  • Public Relations, Advertising
  • Merger and Acquisition Support
  • Due Diligence Activities

Web site: www.rgrace.com/

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