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company & industry showcase

Industrial Application & Company Showcase

industrial application & company showcase

Industrial solutions require applications tailored to specific market segments. The Industrial Applications Showcase presents these tailored solutions to a focused group of end users. If you have a technology application you would like to present and can answer yes to the following questions, submit your solution for consideration. The best submissions based on industry need, commercial adoption potential, and impact will be selected by an industrial technology review committee.

  • Is your technology application close to or already commercially viable?
  • Are you looking for corporate partners for your company or technology?
  • Do you have a technology solution for one of the industrial sectors listed below?

Submit today into the industry specific symposium to showcase your technology solution. Technology developers from around the global are joined by thousands of corporate scientists, engineers and business developers looking for solutions. Join the TechConnect community that is going beyond science for science sake in this exciting, dynamic, event that will deliver your technologies into industry and society.

  • Who should submit?
    Established companies, universities or R&D labs which have commercially viable technologies actively looking for corporate development partners or customers. (Companies seeking seed to B round investment funding should submit into the TechConnect Venture Forum)
  • What should be submitted?
    Clearly describe your technology and company, and identify the commercial value proposition of your technology for a specific industrial sector (or set of sectors). Clearly state the commercial maturity of the technology (if applicable), any existing partnerships or customers, and your goals in presenting your company or technology at this event.

Please note, ALL accepted speakers must register for the conference in order to participate in the conference program. Conference registration is approximately $500.


Industries & Technologies

Transportation & Defense:Sensors, Systems, MEMS, Monitoring, Energy Harvesting, Advanced Electronics, Materials, etc.
Electronics & Telecommunications: Sensors, Systems, RF MEMS, MOEMS, Compound Semiconductors, Microphones, Displays, Inkjets, etc.
Medical & Health Sciences: Micro & Nano Fluidics, Bio Sensors, Bio Analytical Tools, Drug Delivery, Imaging, Materials, etc.
Personal Care & Food: Colloids, Particles, Nanomaterials, Biomaterials
Energy & Environment: Sensing, Batteries, Fuel Cells, Energy Harvesting, PV, Lighting, Water
Manufacturing & Industrial: Modeling Tools, Characterization, Instrumentation, Fabrication Facilities, Sensors, Imaging
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