Microtech2010 2010

Thermal management in GaN HEMTs via heterogeneous integration using micro-transfer printing with advanced thin film diamond thermal materials

D. Hickey
Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc., US

Keywords: thermal, HEMT, diamond


Thermal management is an increasingly important problem facing the semiconductor industry at the device, component, and system levels. In this presentation we discuss our initial work to utilize a completely different integration strategy to integrate diamond thin films with GaN devices based on micro-transfer printing. In our approach, high thermal conductivity thick (50 microns) and thin (2 micron) diamond films are placed within a few hundred nanometers above and below the junctions of active GaN HEMT devices. This is accomplished through a combination of microfabrication techniques performed at the wafer scale on the GaN and diamond substrates followed by transfer printing of singulated strips of GaN or diamond directly on top each other. The resulting diamond/GaN HEMT/diamond heterostructures are similar to that achieved via other approaches, but is realized with much greater manufacturing efficiency (lower cost) in addition to equivalent or superior thermal performance. A 3D thermal model was also developed that clearly demonstrates the feasibility of this approach. *This work was supported in part by the US Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA).
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