Microtech2010 2010

Diamond MEMS biosensors for real-time sensing of water-based chemical/biological pathogens

D. Hickey
Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc., US

Keywords: diamond, MEMS, biosensors, e. coli


The primary technical obstacle to achieving robust chem/bio sensors is that the current material platform for the chemical or biological interface is inherently unstable. Diamond thin films have recently been demonstrated in the laboratory to be the ultimate platform on which to base a number of different sub-types of chemical and biological sensing devices. Diamond has several properties that are critically important for chem/bio sensing that, in combination, are not found in other materials. Ultrananocrystalline diamond (UNCD) overcomes the previous issues. In this presentation we will present the first year of work related to a three year program sponsored by the Defense Threat Reduction Agengy (DTRA) to develop UNCD as a platform for a new class of compact, wearable chemical and biological point sensors, with unprecedented sensitivity, stability, and reproducibility, capable of monitoring the presence of target molecules in real time within a compact size, weight and low power form factor. UNCD MEMS sensors are being developed based on electrochemical and electromechanical transduction for chemical and biological sensing, both of which are scalable and capable of being integrated with emerging microelectronics, microfluidic, and micropower technologies and embedded in fabrics.
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