Microtech2010 2010

Molybdenum Dioxide: A Reforming Catalyst for Fuel Flexible Fuel Cells

M.G. Norton, O. Marin-Flores, T.F. Turba, S. Ha, J. Breit
Washington State University, US

Keywords: fuel cells, catalyst, reforming


Molybdenum dioxide has been shown to be a very active catalyst for the partial oxidation of a Jet A fuel surrogate (n-dodecane). It not only shows a high oxidation activity towards long-chain hydrocarbons, it also has high resistance to coking and a significant tolerance to sulfur compounds such as benzothiophene, which was not able to completely deactivate the catalyst even at concentrations as high as 3000 ppmw. These properties along with the well-known electrical conductivity of molybdenum dioxide make it a promising catalytic material not only for reforming purposes but also as anode material for solid oxide fuel cells.
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