Microtech2010 2010

Non-Contact, Printable Metallic Inks for Silicon Solar Cells

J.P. Novak, Y. Li, R. Fink
Applied Nanotech, Inc., US

Keywords: solar cells, wafer, silicon, inkjet, ink, aluminum, nanoparticle, nickel


There is an increasing drive to develop improved processes for creating electrical contacts different from the current high cost physical vapor deposition (PVD) and photolithography based approaches. Applied Nanotech, Inc. has been researching materials for direct print electronics to exploit recent advances in nanotechnology. These novel materials will lower production costs for silicon solar cells by developing inks that can be applied using additive manufacturing non-contact printing techniques. In particular, these new ink formulations will be used to reduce wafer shadowing by enabling direct-print, interdigitated contacts on the backside of next generation thin silicon wafers.
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