Microtech2010 2010

Selective gas sensors based on carbon nanotube mats transistor obtained using automatic air-brush machine

P. Bondavalli, L. Gorintin, P. Legagneux
Thales Research and Technology, FR

Keywords: carbon nanotube, gas sensor, selective, air-brush, spray


Carbon NanoTube (CNT) transistors are known for several years to be extremely sensitive to gases. This is the reason why scientist tries to use them as gas sensors. But their production is still a problem. In this article, we present our approach to realize large-scale production of reproducible devices using CNT mats deposited by airbrush technique. After optimizing the CNT based solutions, in our contribution we demonstrate that we can achieve large array CNTFETs with Drain/Source current on/off ratio with reproducible characteristics, from 1 to 5/6 orders, controlling precisely the density of CNTs deposed. Thanks to these good transfer characteristics, the detection limit of these devices can be lowered under the ppm for a large range of gases. An other issue for these sensors is selectivity. To perform it, we have develop a new technology patented based on CNTFET based arrays with different metals as electrodes. We demonstrate that each gas interacts specifically with each metal identifying a sort of electronic fingerprinting. Thus we are able to discriminate each gas of one other. We will show in our presentation selective detection of NO2, NH3 and DMMP (sarin stimulant).
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