Microtech2010 2010

Silicon Germanuim Oxide (SixGe1-xOy) Infrared Sensitive Material for Uncooled Detectors

Q. Cheng, M. Hai, T. Bui, M. Almasri
University of Missouri, US

Keywords: uncooled infrared material, Silicon Germanuim oxide, microbolometer


This paper presents the formation and the characterization of silicon germanium oxide (SixGe1-xOy) thin film as infrared sensitive material for uncooled microbolometer. The material is grown by RF magnetron sputtering, by depositing Si and Ge thin film simultaneously from two deposition targets in an oxygen and argon environment at both room temperature and 400°C. The temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) and resistivity are measured in response to the elements variation in thin film. The highest achieved TCRs and the corresponding resistivities at room temperature were -4.86 %/K and -6.43 %/K, and 2.45×10E2 ohm cm and 3.34×10E2 ohm cm using Si0.195Ge0.706O0.099and Si0.127Ge0.835O0.038 for films deposited at room temperature and at 400 oC, respectively. The results demonstrate that the present fabrication method of SixGe1-xOy at 400°C is able to increase TCR significantly. The composition was measured using EDX, and TCR was measured using four point probe. The effect of Si and O on thin film’s electrical property is also discussed. Noise of the deposited films is characterized. This includes 1/f noise and Johnson noise.
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