Microtech2010 2010

A highly thermal stable enzyme-free hydrogen peroxide biosensor based on poly[N-(1-one-butyric acid)benzimidazole]

H.C. Chen
Chang Gung University, TW

Keywords: hydrogen peroxide biosensor, succinic anhydride, poly[N-(1-one-butyric acid) benzimidazole]


In the present work, the reactivity site, imine group of imidazole ring, could be oxidized by H2O2 in the present of carboxylic group and reverted by electrochemical reduction. Therefore, we proposed an entire novel mechanism to detect hydrogen peroxide based on PBI-BA for the first time. This intrinsic biosensor is of the great advantage to the electrode preparation and store without considering the enzyme activity. The PBI-BA/Au electrode exhibited a broad linear response current, favorable response time, and high selectivity at applied potential of -0.5 V. Furthermore, the biosensor also showed the excellent thermal stability at 50 oC in oven within ten days.
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