Microtech2010 2010

A novel biosensing mechanism based on poly(N-butyl benzimidazole) for the detection of hydrogen peroxide

H.C. Chen
Chang Gung University, TW

Keywords: hydrogen peroxide biosensor, poly(N-butyl benzimidazole), PBBI N-oxide


In this paper, poly(N-butylbenzimidazole) (PBBI) was oxidized by peracetic acid which mixing by acetic acid and hydrogen peroxide to form PBBI N-oxide was demonstrated. Based on this reaction, we developed a new amperometric hydrogen peroxide biosensor utilizing the chemical oxidation and electrochemical reduction of PBBI. The enzyme-free biosensor electrode, PBBI / Au, exhibited high selectivity, fast response and excellent stability by its intrinsic specifics. It is believed that we are the first to propose a new mechanism to detect H2O2. Most importantly, it was easy for preparation.
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