Microtech2010 2010

Numerical Simulation on Nonlinear Response of Two-Dimensional Electron Plasmas in the Field Effect Transistor Structures

Z. Yan, J. Zhu, Y. Wang, X. Lin, J. He
Peking University, CN

Keywords: nonlinear response, field effect transistor, phase shift


A new numerical method is proposed to study nonlinear response of two-dimensional electron plasmas in the channel of field effect transistor structures. The numerical simulations are not only in accordance with the existing theory, but also illustrate how phase shift influences the plasma wave transmission in the conduction channels of field effect transistor structures. The numerical simulations contain the nonlinear effects when the boundary conditions are asymmetric, i.e., when a frequency, amplitude, or phase shift exists between ac signals applied at drain and source sides of the field effect transistor (FET). The plasma wave transmission under nonresonant and resonant conditions is simulated by changing certain structure parameters with our developed simulator. These results demonstrate that the developed simulator is a useful tool in THz detector design and optimization.
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