Microtech2010 2010

Continuous Separation of Non-Magnetic Particles through Negative Magnetophoresis inside Ferrofluids

T. Zhu, F. Marrero, L. Mao
The University of Georgia, US

Keywords: separation, ferrofluids, negative magnetophoresis


We present a simple, effective and label-free continuous flow non-magnetic microparticle separation scheme in a microfluidic device under static magnetic fields. The separation process is based on negative magnetophoresis and uses water-based ferrofluids. We exploit the difference in particle sizes to achieve continuous binary separation of fluorescent microparticles. The prototype device demonstrates high throughput separation of 2 µm and 10 µm particles with close to 100% separation efficiency. This new approach opens the door for the development of label-free particle and cellular separation in microfluidic devices with high throughput, efficiency and reliability.
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