Microtech2010 2010

Preparation of functional PZT films on 6” and 8” silicon wafers by high rate sputtering

R. Dudde, D. Kaden, H.-J. Quenzer, B. Wagner
Fraunhofer ISIT, DE

Keywords: PZT, thin film sputtering, MEMS actuators


Crack and void free polycrystalline PZT films in the range of 2 µm to 6 µm have been successfully deposited on silicon wafers using a novel high rate gas flow sputtering process. The development of a process for uniform deposition of high quality piezoelectric materials on wafer scale will drastically lower the costs of actuator integration into new MEMS devices. The sputtered PZT layers show a high dielectric constant Er of 2000 and a distinct ferroelectric hysteresis loop with a remnant polarisation of 17 µC/cm2 and a coercive field strength of 5.4 kV/mm. Piezoelectric coefficients d33,f of 102 to 108pm/V have been determined using a standard aixACCT. A transverse piezoelectric module e31 = -10.9 C/m2 was measured.
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