Microtech2010 2010

Diomics Corporation

Location:Arizona, US
Speaker:Jeff Morhet
Title:CEO & Founder
Primary Industry:Biotech & Medical
Executive Summary:Diomics is a nanobioscience company focused on the development of Diomat(r) technology for a range of life science, aerospace and specialty products. Diomat is a novel class of nan-composite material. Because of its small size, unique structure and extreme stability, Diomat combines the advantages of traditional high-speed manufacturing processes with the key features and potential of nanotechnology. Today we are focused on life sciences, specifically forensics, biospecimen collection and integrated DNA analysis and profiling solutions. With the launch of Diomics in 2009, using our long standing industry relationships, we developed our first product, the X-Swab(tm). The X-Swab is a unique bio-specimen collection device based on Diomics' Diomat(r) platform. This robust and easy-to-use product replaces the highly inefficient cotton swab, typically used at crime scenes to collect material. The X-Swab has already been market tested with the world's leading forensics labs.
Venture is:Seed Level

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