Microtech2010 2010

Bilcare Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd

Location:NA, SG
Speaker:Dr. Adrian Burden
Title:President, Europe
Primary Industry:IT – authentication systems using nano material tags and readers
Executive Summary:Bilcare Technologies is a division of Bilcare Research (BSE: BIL), a leading provider to the global pharmaceutical industry of packaging, clinical trial supplies and brand protection and management to accelerate drug development and combat counterfeit drugs. Bilcare Technologies business unit of BIL provides innovative tracking, tracing, and authentication solutions with its nanotechnology-based tracking system nonClonableTM. BIL global footprint includes research teams in India, Singapore, UK, US and regional offices in Australia, Brazil, China, Germany. BIL is well-established with Q4, 2009 revenues of >$30M with >19% growth in revenue and >23% growth in profits in Q4, 2009 versus Q4, 2008. nonClonableTM solutions prevent copying of IDs, enable secure e-governance practices, and ensure that products and assets are secure throughout the supply chain. Established applications include automotive and electronic parts and pharmaceuticals. Our core development team is in Singapore with HQ in India and global offices in Italy, UK and US. We seek innovative development partnerships with research groups and small and large corporations to apply nonClonableTM solutions to document, personal, and other real time Track-n-Trace and authentication applications. We are especially interested in meeting with groups focused on high value or mission critical applications.
Venture is:Public

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