Microtech2010 2010

NanoeXa, Inc.

Location:CA, US
Speaker:Michael Pak
Title:Founder & CEO
Primary Industry:Advanced Materials/Chemical
Executive Summary:NanoeXa develops, manufactures, and sells advanced Lithium Ion Battery Materials which deliver higher performance, lower price, more safety than competition. Target customers are lithium ion cell and battery pack manufacturers for current consumer electronics markets and emerging markets such as EV, PHEV, LEV, LER, and stationary. Our Silicon Valley operations focus on development and application of advanced simulation software that enable us to develop new materials cheaper and faster than our competition. We use our Quantum Simulation Software to guide the synthesis, characterization, and test of new battery materials, with synthesis, characterization, and test results used to improve our software. Current Taiwan production capacity 100 tons/month for advanced cathode materials. We are working to commercialize advanced electrode and anode materials. NanoeXa revenue in 2010 and forward is from battery materials sales, while earlier revenue was generated by product development contracts with large global companies. NanoeXa is raising a B round to fund quantum to systems level simulation software development in Silicon Valley and increase Taiwan battery materials production to 300 tons/month. NanoeXa plans joint ventures/strategic alliances with several global companies and establishing a research team in Singapore and manufacturing plants in Singapore and the US.
Venture is:B-Round

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