Microtech2010 2010

Solegria Solutions, LLC

Location:CA, US
Speaker:Jes Black
Primary Industry:Water
Executive Summary:Solegria™ is an emerging leader in home water filtration. Our patent-pending apparatuses join antibacterial filters onto standard five-gallon bottles for water coolers as well as water carafes that use disposable filters. Using any water source, from tap water to a community well, customers can now purify water from a device they already own. Our aftermarket add-on fits perfectly onto their existing container. This eliminates the cost and waste of introducing a new standalone product. Units, consisting of one ceramic filter with carbon-block interior and our apparatus, will retail at $40 and filter 1,000 gallons, enough to last one family for one year. Competitors require $100 to $250 worth of replacement filters each year. Delivery service would cost $1,000 for the same quantity of bottled water. Our filters use gravity for microbiological purification of untreated water without electricity, pressurized plumbing or harsh chemicals. Our system is user-friendly, inexpensive and has higher performance standards. Annual sales in North America for five-gallon bottles and home water filtration systems are estimated at a combined $7.5 billion. By disintermediation and New Media marketing we can penetrate this captive market, earn high margins and take market share from our competitors.
Venture is:Seed Level

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