Microtech2010 2010

Graphene Energy Inc

Location:TX, US
Speaker:Dileep Agnihotri
Primary Industry:Energy Storage
Executive Summary:Graphene Energy Inc (GEI) is developing a transformational ultracapacitor technology for energy storage using graphene electrode and ionic liquid electrolyte. With this technology we are improving the energy density of current ultracapacitors by 3-4 folds while also improving the power and cycling superiority. Ultracapacitor technology is a fast growing market with 30% CAGR and a projected market size of $10B by 2020. With 3-4 fold improved energy density and better power density, GEI will bring to market next generation of ultracapacitors which are 2-3x more compact and costs 2-3x less than existing technology. Both cost and size reduction will enable accelerated adoption of regenerative storage using ultracapacitors in a wide range of industries including automotive, smart-grid, UPS, handheld devices, etc. Company expects to tap a large market outperforming existing technologies.
Venture is:A-Round

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