Microtech2010 2010


Location:(none), DK
Speaker:Tomas Ussing
Primary Industry:Biotech & Medical
Executive Summary:The NanoCycler™ genotyping device and accompanying disposables (polymer chips) has been designed to handle and process patient sample material directly from e.g. mouth rinse or saliva swab - and provide a result within 15 minutes. The platform is a fully-integrated system, incorporating all necessary “laboratory” steps to perform SNP genotyping; • Human DNA material is collected from a mouth rinse or saliva swab, • The sample is applied to a disposable polymer chip and • The chip is inserted into the NanoCycler™ device which in turn provides the answer to whether a given SNP is present or absent. The NanoCycler™ device is small in size and “footprint”; contains no moving parts and does not require any external pumping or suction to enable the on-chip flow control or sample preparation; the polymer chip as well as the device consist of established components designed with a particular focus on low cost and scalability. Moreover, the processes utilised in the NanoCycler™ device and the polymer chip is extremely versatile - offering significant expansion opportunities of the addressable application range.
Venture is:C-Round

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