Microtech2010 2010

Tour Engine, Inc.

Location:CA, US
Speaker:Oded Tour
Primary Industry:Transportation
Executive Summary:TourEngine™ is a patented opposed-cylinder split-cycle combustion engine that specifically addresses and overcomes the drawbacks of previously proposed split-cycle designs. As a result of its superior thermal management TourEngine™ has the potential for substantial efficiency gain, as well as for reduction in noxious emissions compared to standard internal combustion (IC) engines. Simulations done by independent consultants out of SDSU and LLNL predict the significant performance leap, and measurements from a running gasoline-based prototype support the simulations results. In current gasoline IC engines over 70% of the fuel’s energy is lost to the atmosphere through the exhaust due to incomplete expansion, and to the radiator cooling the engine. Much of this is due to compromises inherent to hosting all four strokes in a single cylinder. By splitting the conventional 4-stroke cycle between two opposing Cold and Hot cylinders TourEngine™ allows a more complete expansion and less cooling, leading to better energy utilization. Notably, compared to hybrid and electric engine technologies that offer improved efficiency but are expensive and complex, TourEngine™ is simple as it is based on current cylinder/piston technology. TourEngine™ presents a cost-effective solution for achieving superior engine efficiency and an opportunity to revolutionize the way IC engines are built.
Venture is:A-Round

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