Microtech2010 2010

Motiv Power Systems

Location:CA, US
Speaker:Jim Castelaz
Title:Founder & CEO
Primary Industry:Transportation
Executive Summary:Motiv designs and delivers revolutionary modular electric powertrains for trucks and buses. The flexibility of our software-driven electric powertrain enables new electric-drive technology adoption in the truck market, where it provides higher return on investment than in passenger vehicles. For battery, motor, and generator manufacturers, Motiv’s technology optimizes their component’s performance and provides low-barrier market entry. For fleet owners, Motiv’s plug-and-play system allows breakthrough compatibility, maintainability, and upgradability within their fleet. Fleets can use the best components without making high risk technology commitments and receive a return on their investment in a fraction of the vehicle’s total lifetime. For truck builders, Motiv’s system simplifies installation and increases the configuration options that this fragmented group of integrators can offer to fleets. Our technology uniquely positions Motiv for scalable growth and enables our products to become the “standard” platform for electric-drive trucks.
Venture is:Seed Level

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