Microtech2010 2010


Location:PA, US
Speaker:Bill Choi
Primary Industry:Sensors & Microsystems
Executive Summary:NanoLambda is developing Spectrum SensorTM, an ultra-compact, low-cost spectrometer-on-a-chip, based on novel nano-optic devices. Each pixel of the chip detects a predefined wavelength of light, yielding a spectral fingerprint for each material being imaged. Unlike expensive and bulky conventional solutions, nanoLambda’s Spectrum SensorTM chip enables non-invasive and multi-target monitoring capability at an ultra compact size, only a few mm*mm, and at very competitive cost, lower by multiple magnitude of order than competition through the standard wafer process. While initial applications are expected to be high-resolution color sensing, the sensor will also be used for bio-chemical material detection/identification, and non-invasive wearable health monitoring. As a key component to these markets, it is anticipated that the total addressable market for the spectrometer-on-a-chip will be over $1 billion in 2013. NanoLambda was founded in 2005, as a spin off company of the University of Pittsburgh and has been funded (grants & convertible) by NSF, The Technology Collaborative, Innovation Works, Pittsburgh Life Science Greenhouse, and Pennsylvania NanoMaterials Commercialization Center. Recently, NanoLambda has also received funds from Korean government for international joint development projects, together with key partners and customers. The first product will be launched in 1Q2011.
Venture is:A-Round

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