Microtech2010 2010

Simulation and Experiment on 2PC Transmitted Diffraction Grating for GaN LEDs

X. Jin
California Polytechnic State University, US

Keywords: nano grating, efficiency, Photonic crystal


To test 2PC structures by experiment, we affixed 2PC structures onto a hemicylinder of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and placed the sample on a rotating stage with a green laser beam (λ=532nm) incident on the grating structure. Besides the experimental tests, theoretical models are developed to predict experimental results. The simulation uses a Yee’s mesh and is coarsely gridded at x of 200nm and z of 45nm. The source for the FDTD simulation was a plane wave with a Gaussian power distribution. The simulation domain included 100 grating cells at a lattice pitch of 2m, filling factor of 0.237, and grating cell height of 450nm. Comparing the simulation results with the experimental ones, we found that FDTD underestimates the experimental data and does not account well for the upward inflection of transmission efficiency about the critical angle. To increase the accuracy, a more finely gridded simulation at the diffraction grating is developed, and this result agrees very well with the experimental test.
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