Microtech2010 2010

Polymer based Biosensor for effective detection of Cancer in Human Body

A. Kumar, S. Jung, T. Ji
University of Arkansas, US

Keywords: biosensor, cancer, nanowires, polypyrrol


The main aim of the research is to develop a polymer based biosensor for effective detection of cancer in human body. Development of this biosensor is a two step process, the first step is to grow polymer nanowires using electrodeposition method and in the second step we will immobilize antibodies onto the nanowires using EDC cross linking method. This biosensor setup will then be tested by passing blood solution containing cancer antigen biomarkers. A change in signal due to the binding of antigen from the blood onto the antibody indicates that the sensor has detected infected cancer cells present on the blood solution. We develop a polymer based biosensor due to its unique properties such as physical flexibility and low thermal conductivity which increases the chance of implementing the biosensors into a human body.
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