Microtech2010 2010

Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 (PZT) Thin Films Sensors for Fully-Intergrated, Passive Telemetric Transponders

R.X. Fu, R.C. Toonen, E.H. Ngo, M.W. Cole, S.G. Hirsch, M.P. Ivill, C.W. Hubbard
Army Research Laboratory, US

Keywords: PZT thin film, MEMS device, sensor, transponder, piezoelectric material, ferroelectric material


There is a critical need to develop the technology of fully-integrated, passive telemetric readout systems. Ultrasonic sensors accessed via microwave transponders could allow for a new and improved means of remotely testing structural integrity in a nondestructive manner. The objective of this research is to explore, develop and demonstrate the feasibility of providing with inexpensive, scalable, passive and ultra-low power consuming fully-integrated circuits that enable analog information from a piezoelectric sensor to be telemetrically monitored via a RFID-like backscatter transponder. This research include: enhancing the piezoelectricity of PZT-based thin films and optimizing the ferroelectric properties of BST-based thin films; developing PZT-based interdigital sensors (IDSs) and stacked BST-based metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitor arrays; characterizing PZT-based, ultrasonic sensors and BST-based, microwave, reflection phase-shifters; and developing a process that successfully enables the integration of PZT and BST-based thin films onto a single chip. This paper shows the great potential of taking advantages of both PZT and BST in a single chip to achieve inexpensive, fully-integrated, passive telemetric transponders.
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