Microtech2010 2010

Innovative Processing Solutions for 3-D Device Fabrication

T. Flaim
Brewer Science, CTO, US

Keywords: MEMS, fabrication, 3-D fabrication


We usually think of MEMS devices as presenting some of the more daunting challenges for 3-D fabrication today, for example, in attempting to pattern submicron features in close proximity to trenches that can be hundreds of microns in depth and width. However, other device structures are now creating equally difficult processing challenges. Consider, for example, new chip stacking technologies that not only require etching and filling of dense arrays of deep through-silicon vias (TSVs) but also handling of ultrathin wafers that are exceptionally fragile. Likewise, makers of CMOS imaging sensors are utilizing TSV technology for backside interconnection while exploring the use of vertical waveguides and complex photonic crystal structures to increase light sensitivity and improve image resolution. Brewer Science has spent the last three decades responding to such fabrication challenges with innovative material and process solutions that increase device yield and quality and reduce manufacturing costs. Our presentation will illustrate how we are continuing that legacy by providing new materials and process technologies for 3-D fabrication. Some of these include: • Protective masking systems for deep wet etching of silicon and removal of sacrificial oxides • High-temperature-stable lift-off materials for processing in severe environments • Low-stress temporary wafer bonding processes for reliable handling of ultrathin wafers and substrates. The talk will also highlight several of Brewer Science’s new development directions in 3 D fabrication: • Photo-assisted anodic etching of silicon and other semiconductors • High-selectivity, spin-on hardmasks for reactive ion etching of deep structures • Low-overburden planarization processes and sacrificial materials for temporary filling of high-aspect-ratio surface structures.
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