Microtech2010 2010

Cancer Nanotechnology: Prospect for a New Class of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Solutions (keynote presentation)

L. Nagahara
National Cancer Institute, NIH, US

Keywords: National Cancer Institute, NCI, cancer


The National Cancer Institute (NCI) launched the Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer (http://nano.cancer.gov/) in 2004 and invested $144.3 million over 5 years in academic research and development to pursue applied nanotechnologies for cancer detection, therapy, and prevention. Centers of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence (CCNEs) and Cancer Nanotechnology Platform Partnerships (CNPPs) have been developing novel and multi-functional nanodevices to detect cancer at its earliest stages, to pinpoint its location within the body, and to deliver anticancer drugs specifically to malignant cells. In vitro assays and in vivo biosensors are expected to detect the presence of tumors and metastatic lesions that at the earlier stages than those detectable using current, conventional technologies. Nanotherapeutic formulations are expected to increase the efficacy of drugs while dramatically reducing potential side effects. Several of the technologies developed in academic setting have reached sufficient level of maturity to warrant transition to the commercial environment and to be developed further into clinically viable products. In this presentation, a successful set of start-up companies which are pursuing the development and commercialization of various nanotechnologies for medical and oncology applications will be featured. The details of particular technologies as well as the design of translational path from nanotechnology discovery to commercial implementation will be discussed.
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