Microtech2010 2010

MEMS Applications - RF MEMS Switches

J. Hilbert
wiSpry, Inc., US

Keywords: MEMS


WiSpry is a fabless RF semiconductor company that has developed truly disruptive technology for the wireless market. WiSpry brings significant performance improvement as well as size and cost reduction potential to mobile phone manufacturers and network operators through on-chip integration of dynamically tunable RF elements into mobile phone front-end circuits. The key to the technology is the integration of patented RF-MEMS devices with the industry standard RF-CMOS process flow thereby enabling convergence of digital, analog, RF and MEMS functionality on a single chip. This integration enables WiSpry’s very high performance tunable MEMS digital capacitors to take advantage of the latest advancements in logic and RF-CMOS processes bringing together substantial performance benefits at a cost point associated with fabless CMOS manufacturing. WiSpry has substantial traction already including a multi-million dollar development contract with a top tier mobile phone manufacturer. WiSpry has completed proof of concept and technology verification and is now transitioning from technology development to the product development and yield enhancement phase of the company. In addition, WiSpry has shipped demonstration samples to key customers.
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