Microtech2010 2010

MEMS Applications - Oscillators

M. Crowley
Sand9, US

Keywords: MEMS


MEMS Oscillators have long held out the promise to replace quartz as the dominant timing and frequency source technology. Current leaders SiTime and Discera have made great progress in displacing quartz in the XO market and have shipped many millions of units. However quartz still dominates markets such as wireless, GPS and communications due to superior performance in terms of frequency stability over wide temperature ranges, better short term stability, lower phase noise and lower power consumption. Sand 9 is introducing the TCMOTM Temperature Compensated MEMS Oscillator that overcomes these challenges and opens up the mass timing market to MEMS solution. The next logical step will be the introduction of integrated MEMS resonators which will have a dramatic impact on handset architecture and performance.
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