Microtech2010 2010

It’s not just about the MEMS

D. Buckley
Micralyne, CA

Keywords: MEMS


When considering the many and diverse applications for MEMS devices, it is easy to dig-deep into the science and technology of micro-structures. Motion sensors, chemical sensors, moving micro-structures etc. have exciting applications in our mobile office, the environment or communication infrastructure; advanced microfluidic devices and miniature sensors and dispensers will change how we measure and control biochemistry in the body. With the rapid evolution of advanced MEMS devices, the possibilities for applying this technology continue to grow. However, when embarking on this journey of concept to commercialization, it is important to realize what it takes to move an idea from that initial concept phase to a full product launch. In this presentation, I will discuss how to move a product from that first idea, through to production and avoid some of the short-term pitfalls that can cause critical delays. Examples will be given of device simulation, device results and packaged products. By working with your MEMS service partner, we will work with you to identify a course that addresses early-stage design and assessment, integration of the design with fabrication processes for manufacturability and the final packaging and testing of devices. An overview will be given of Micralyne’s development methodology (Micralyne Product Quality Planning, MPQP) which covers: - Feasibility assessment; can we make the device? - Prototype development; can we make a device that meets full specification and is manufacturable? - Pilot production - Production. By undertaking a structured approach to development and new product introduction, your MEMS service provider will be your partner in enabling your product launch.
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