Microtech2010 2010

Ultra low cost monolithic CMOS motion sensors for mass-market consumption

J. Montanyà i Silvestre
Baolab, ES

Keywords: MEMS


The motion sensors market is growing rapidly, not only in cell phones, but in many other applications like game consoles, PND’s, cameras and all types of portable devices. Accelerometers are a mature although still growing. Compasses and gyros will become widely adopted in the coming years. And finally pressure sensors seem to gain interest in order to detect altitude changes. All this gears towards integrated inertial measurement units. This explosive growth however can only be sustained if the ASP is reduced enough. This will allow devices to enter into more consumer applications, where the sensitivity to cost is extremely high. So far however, each motion sensor requires a different manufacturing process, which does not allow for an economy of scale. Furthermore, this requires an hybrid integration when ICs with several sensor types are needed, which increases still further the final cost. Baolab has developed a unique technology called nanoEMSTM, to build MEMS devices inside the existing metal layers of standard CMOS wafers. This leads directly to monolithic solutions for multi-sensor ICs, at the lowest cost and highest volume production capability and second sourcing availability, thanks to the standardization of CMOS.
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