Microtech2010 2010

Wafer-Level Testing of MEMS Devices in Controlled Vacuum Environment

A. Rumiantsev, S. Giessmann, F.-M. Werner, F. Coccetti, L. Bary
Cascade Microtech and MEMUNITY, DE

Keywords: MEMS devices, Wafer-Level Testing, packaging


Due to their intrinsic multiphysics nature MEMS components and devices require very strict and demanding working ambient conditions. Typically these conditions are ensured by specific and often very demanding packaging solutions. Furthermore in the realm of laboratories and production test floors R&D the use of wafer level probing is the most widely used and efficient testing and characterization approach. The combination of these two requirements by providing a user controlled ambient (temperature, pressure and gas composition) and a wafer level electrical (DC and RF) probing solution at the same time, is therefore highly desirable and represents a tangible need. Hence solutions have been available for device characterization, failure analysis, reliability and functional tests since about 10 years. In this paper first an overview about field-proven relevant test solutions using such vacuum wafer-probe stations will be give, while a second part will be devoted to two test case applications which will be described in more detail by presenting typical measurement results. The first is focused on testing of inertial sensors and resonators. High-vacuum prove probe card with onboard circuits very close to the probes are used. By adding appropriate optical sensors for out-of-plane and/or in-plane motion and topology measurement, the very complex behavior of such devices can be studied. A second category deals with RF-MEMS devices. Here the challenges to be met are the overcoming of the RF contact repeatability and reliability during calibration and measurements under extreme environment conditions. The paper will present the dedicated system solutions that minimize the impact of these problems on measured results.
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