Microtech2010 2010

Systems Approach to Inertial Motion Tracking

C. Lucien
Hillcrest Laboratories, US

Keywords: MEMS inertial sensors, inertial motion tracking


Problem Product designers and systems integrators often do not have the resources or time to become experts in every technology required for their end products. Inertial motion tracking using MEMS devices, such as linear accelerometers and angular rates sensors (gyros), is a technology category that can very quickly become too complicated for many designers and integrators. Working with these devices requires expertise in understanding the sensors’ performance variances due to environmental factors, mechanical stress, and aging. These complexities make it extremely challenging to use the raw data provided by these sensors to produce products at the quality level required for a finished product. The R&D necessary to create products with MEMS inertial sensors can greatly increase the time and money necessary to bring a new product to market and therefore limit profitability and add unnecessary risk to the overall project. Innovation of solution Application and product developers require an integrated solution so they do not need to become experts in MEMS or motion sensing. These systems integrate hardware, software and complex motion algorithms that use the raw sensor data to produce information that is easily incorporated into an application environment. The algorithms use data from multiple sensors to provide additional motion data and correct for performance variances in the sensors. Software then translates this processed data into application-ready motion outputs to be interpreted by application software. Current/future applications MEMS inertial sensors have many applications across a wide range of markets including: Consumer Electronics, Mobile Handset, Medical Devices, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Robotics, and Military solutions.
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