Microtech2010 2010

Recent Progress in MEMS Process Integration for Optical and Microfluidic Applications

P. Lin
Touch Micro-system Technology, TW

Keywords: IC/MEMS integration


MEMS devices have recently been incorporated into many optical, and microfluidic applications. In addition to the conventional IC/MEMS integration, optical and fluidic packaging requirements complicate the system integration. Process integration is one of the most important topics in MEMS technology because it requires the system level integration, which includes design, processing, and packaging to be well orchestrated from the very beginning. It has a great impact on the success of the MEMS-related product development and business venture. Process integration includes the selection of multiple processing steps in the device fabrication. In addition, it also involves the understanding, characterizing, and optimizing of these processes and their interrelationships to work together synergistically as an integrated production method to meet the desired performance, yield, and cost level. Successful process integration enables the smart system solution and integration. Examples include the high level of MEMS and IC integration and the improvement of the signal/noise ratio of MEMS components. A MEMS device typically consists three major parts: the IC, MEMS, and packaging. This paper will review a number of commercialized MEMS devices made successfully from developed MEMS processes and system integration technologies. As a result, the economic issues of multi-chip integration and monolithic integration and the highlight of the important process integration issues that occur in any MEMS development endeavor will be discussed. The first example is an optical switch and a multiplexer for the all-optical network. The active MEMS structures are made of the single crystal silicon on SOI wafers to significantly improve the optical quality of the planar waveguides. The second example is the implantable silicon probe. Many biomedical devices such as ultrasonic imaging array and drug delivery can be built from this probe. In addition, an example of MEMS liquid dispenser will be discussed for microfluidic application.
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