Microtech2010 2010

Research Trajectories of Microsystems for Health-Care and Environmental Sensing (keynote)

Y. Gianchandani
University of Michigan Wireless Integrated Microsystems Center, US

Keywords: Microsystems, health care


In just a few decades, microsystems and related technologies have changed the way that we live – how we work and communicate; the food and medicine that we consume; the clothing that we use; and the entertainment that we seek. This presentation will review selected research efforts in microsystems that utilize microelectromechanical components, and explore the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Health-care and environmental sensing applications are of particular interest as technology drivers. For example, research in implantable medical microsystems is directed at neural, retinal and cochlear prostheses, drug delivery devices, and smart stents. In the domain of environmental sensing, there has been an impetus to miniaturize gas chromatography, stimulating research in separation columns, gas pumps, valves, and detectors. Radiation detectors are also of significant interest, as are sensors for harsh environments, such as those encountered in petroleum reservoirs. Taken together, these applications drive basic research in sensing, stimulation, signal conditioning, communication methods, packaging, and power management. As we move forward, a systems perspective can help to keep the research focused, accelerating and amplifying the societal gain with available resources. However, practical and affordable solutions at the system level will require partnerships between specialists, and also between academia and industry.
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