Microtech2010 2010

Co-Design of MEMS, Electronics and Packaging: Putting the “Design” Back in “Design Tools”

M. Maher

Keywords: MEMS CAD tools, MEMS devices, MEMS designs


Systems incorporating MEMS devices are growing in their level of integration and complexity, often including multiple MEMS sensors/actuators, analog and digital circuitry, micro-controllers and custom packaging. Many of the delays in bringing MEMS-based systems to market stem from errors made in integrating the MEMS with the rest of the system causing costly re-designs. Co-design of the system enables designers to catch composition errors early and also to optimize the entire system and trade-off requirements between the MEMS and electronics. The result is higher product performance and lower manufacturing costs. This talk will present how MEMS CAD tools coupled with standard analog and digital design tools may be used for the co-design of MEMS devices, their associated electronics and packaging in commercial MEMS systems. Examples will be given of important co-design issues such as how to simulate packaging effects on MEMS device performance, how to co-simulate electronics and MEMS to calculate system timing, and how to model and evaluate the thermal, mechanical and electrical performance of new packaging concepts such as system in package. The talk will also discuss design tools and strategies for those system designers wishing to utilize third party or off the shelf MEMS sub-systems. The team designing these systems often includes material scientists, modeling teams, process engineers, MEMS experts, circuit designers, and packaging experts, enabling the design teams to communicate and co-design effectively.
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