Microtech2010 2010

Smart System Integration Trends in Europe: The perspective of a European Technology Platform

H. Metras
CEA-Leti, FR

Keywords: wireless, sensor, networks, mecatronics


An overview of the European Technology Platform EPOSS to define the notion of smart systems related to wireless sensor networks and mecatronics and to outline the application fields that are strongly impacted by this field of technologies: Automotive and Aerospace, Telecommunications, Internet of Things, Medtech and Security. The talk will illustrate how the platform is playing a key role in some of the public private partnerships of the European Recovery Plan (automotive, factory of the future for instance). A summary of the key technical challenges identified by the scientific committee of the platform will be proposed with specific attention paid to basic issues such as material science, micro and nano technologies or methodologies for design and reliability, and a presentation of key functionalities such as Utra Low Power wireless front ends, energy scavenging and storage systems or embedded security features. Finally, some topics seen by the platform as the most relevant for the next 5 years will be reviewed, including smart cameras, power devices and modules, high performance multi sensors, and analytical systems.
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