Microtech2010 2010

Micro Analytical Instruments: A Systems Approach (keynote)

J. Mueller
University of Technology Hamburg, DE

Keywords: MEMS devices, MEMS designs


Up to now, the miniaturization of analytical instruments is mostly based on the miniaturization of parts or subsystems by transferring them into MEMS devices. Thus the advantages of such a miniaturization cannot be utilized to their full extend, since many of the inherent features like fast response, small sample volume, and low consumption of space and power are lost at the interface to not miniaturized components and the macroscopic world. In this presentation fully integrated approaches for several analytical instruments are presented, which include all necessary subsystems. As examples an optical spectrometer, a gas chromatograph, a planar integrated mass spectrometer, a flame ionization detector, a paramagnetic oxygen sensor, and a vacuum pump with integrated pressure monitoring are presented, all of which are realized in a fully compatible MEMS technology including the necessary periphery. It is demonstrated, that such an approach, though of higher risk and “time to a working system”, allows to fully integrate such systems including most of their inevitable subsystems on one chip with sizes of .5 to 4 cm² . This is accomplished by using fully compatible and industrially proven MEMS designs (e.g. glass-silicon-glass sandwiches) and processes, with the critical and complex structures realized in the silicon substrate.
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