Microtech2010 2010

Nanoscale Device Fabrication using Focused Ion Beam and Scanning Electron Beam (DualBeamTM) Technology

L. Giannuzzi

Keywords: DualBeam, nano-patterning, nano-prototyping, nano-fabrication, FIB


The capabilities of a focused ion beam (FIB) to directly remove or deposit material with accuracies of a few nanometres combined with the ability to observe these patterning processes live with a scanning electron microscope (SEM) in DualBeamâ„¢ instruments are attracting an increasing number of nano-prototyping applications across a wide range of use cases. The majority of applications to date have aimed at achieving the smallest possible feature sizes for groups of a few small pattern elements. Modern FIB-column design has not only reduced the minimum spot size, allowing smaller nano-device dimensions, but has also led to improved beam profiles at large and intermediate FIB currents. Focused ion beams with high beam currents and yet small spot sizes and narrow profiles are opening novel opportunities to expand FIB prototyping to larger areas of complex shapes. Meanwhile continuous improvement to system stability and accuracy combined with new more powerful automation and better optimization of FIB patterning strategies has lead to the production of complete nano-scale devices.
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