Microtech2010 2010

Dip Pen Lithography: A Pathway to Traditional Science Research and Education

D. Newberry
Dakota County Technical College, US

Keywords: Dip Pen Lithography


Anyone familiar with nanotechnology, whether an educator, researcher or business person struggles to explain phenomena and concepts to the “uninitiated” audience. This is especially true for educators as they attempt to integrate nanoscale phenomena into traditional disciplines. The NanoInk dip pen lithography tool fills this need in a dramatic way by allowing students to create structures and then observe phenomena at the nanoscale. This phenomena includes chemical reactions, biological cell growth, fluid flow and electric field effects and is therefore applicable to all STEM disciplines. In addition, the tool is perfect for student research areas. This talk will discuss approaches, methodologies, and examples of integration into traditional science, quality assurance and math disciplines as well as examples of research applications – for any level of student or user.
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