Microtech2010 2010

High-impact Technologies in Microfluidics (invited presentation)

R. Bringans
Palo Alto Research Center, US

Keywords: microfluidic systems


Microfluidics allows the miniaturization of many processes and leads to applications that were not possible earlier or, by drastic cost and size reductions, enables new applications. In this talk we will discuss the combination of optical probing techniques with microfluidic systems and provide some examples from our research. Currently we are developing a new platform that integrates light sources (e.g., diode lasers and LEDs), optical waveguides, and miniaturized optical detectors with microfluidic chips for a number of bio-medical applications. Among the examples we will describe a novel flow cytometer based on a radical redesign of the optical excitation and detection system that can enable a truly compact, low-cost, high-performance microfluidic-based instrument.
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