Microtech2010 2010

Biofunctionalization of Nanoparticles for Theragnostics

E. Poeselt, C. Ma├člo, P. Nollau, C. Schmidtke, S. Fischer, H. Kloust, K. Peldschus, M. Heine, H. Weller
University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf, DE

Keywords: functionalized ligand systems in aquaeous media, tumor cell surface targeting, antibody (fragments) engineering, in vivo imaging, SPIO, QD


In order to achieve diagnostic imaging of solid tumors in patients e.g. by MRI, we are establishing SPIO and QD nanoparticles with surface-functionalized organic ligand systems, which are further chemically coupled to different antibody constructs like full length mABs, scFv, minibodies etc. directed against tumor marker molecules as CEACAM family members. We are also investigating improvement of coupling efficiency, purification methods, in vitro and mouse model testing as well as cell toxicity tests regarding these conjugates for final in vivo patient applicability and further possible conjugation with other molecules like drugs and dyes for therapeutic issues.
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