Microtech2010 2010

Hydrogen Extraction From Methane

S. Simms
EnerGreenCo, US

Keywords: Hydrogen, Alternative Energy, low cost, greenhouse gas, Ethane, Ethylene


This technology is a novel, low cost method of directly extracting gaseous hydrogen and other valuable hydrocarbons from methane, a rich source of hydrogen, in a gas phase reaction without the use of catalysts, thereby converting a principal greenhouse gas into valuable alternative energy. The novel approach breaks with traditional methods by using quantum physics energy concentrated in photons to overcome hydrogen bond dissociation energies, thereby triggering hydrogen atom extraction from methane molecules. The method produces hydrogen radicals that combine into molecular hydrogen H2, and other hydrocarbon radicals that combine into ethane gas C2H6 or ethylene gas C2H4 depending upon the extent of hydrogen atom removal. The molecular hydrogen is isolated using a gas permeable membrane.
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