Microtech2010 2010

Electrocatalytic properties of CNF supported nanocrystalline Pt-Ni electro catalyst for direct ethanol fuel cell

Y.I. Kim, D. Soundararajan, Y.J. Kim, G.G. Wallace, J.M. Ko
Hanbat National University, KR

Keywords: Nanocrystalline Pt-Ni catalysts on CNF network, cathodic electrodeposition, ethanol fuel cell: Electrocatalytic studies


Carbon nano fiber (CNF) network supported Platinium-Nickel alloy particles were prepared by an electrochemical deposition method at sweep times of 40, 60 and 80. Structure, composition and surface morphology of Pt-Ni incorporated CNF were analyzed by using X-ray diffraction, Energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy and Field emission scanning electron microscopy techniques. Structural analysis by XRD showed face centered cubic crystal structure of Pt and its alloy. Particle size and loading level (wt%) of Pt-Ni were found to increase with the increase of sweep time. SEM images showed that the PtNi nano particles were agglomerated and effectively adhered on CNF network upon increase of sweep time. Electrocatalytic activity of the nano Pt-Ni/CNF composite was demonstrated by using glassy carbon disk electrode through the electrochemical linear voltammetrty (ELV), cyclic voltammetry (ECV) and impedance spectra (EIS) in the solution of 0.5M KOH + 0.5M CH3CH2OH. The results showed increment in catalytic activity with enhance of Pt-Ni alloy formation.
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